The intrepid trio had gone down to Hagrid’s hut on a rainy afternoon,

only to find the place deserted. With time to spare they had investigated the contents of an old earthenware bottle and, snuggled together in front of the fire one thing had led to another…..

With grateful thanks to NESergeant.


Having a delicious horny teenage cock in her pussy, and then suddenly having Ron pushing his cock into her mouth, had Hermione climaxing before she was ready. Hermione almost bit Ron's cock, before she controlled herself, and began milking Harry and Ron's cocks desperately, with her tight little cunt, and teasing little mouth. She did so want them all to come together.


Hermione was beginning to come down from her own height,

when she felt Ron's cock expand in her mouth. He began to squirt

spasm after spasm of thick creamy seed in her mouth, and never seemed to stop.  It was only after the teenager had swallowed what seemed like a quart of the stuff, that he began to slow his frantic ejaculations. 

Hermione sucked harder; trying to strip each last creamy curd out

of Ron's slowly deflating prick. "Thanks Ron," she murmured; as his penis finally slipped from her mouth.

“Thank you," gasped Ron. The oversexed teenybopper had really drained him.

Harry had been having a hard time of it. Doing it doggie had never been his favourite position. Hermione seemed to sense his problem; and once she finished sucking off Ron, she rolled Harry on top.  "Come on Harry," she encouraged.  "Fuck me”.


Hermione’s words were too much for the young man; having this

sexy young teenager made him lose control. Harry began squirting great gouts of semen into the girl's welcoming belly.

Afterwards, Hermione just lay there; sperm

obscenely leaking from her relaxed hole, and puddling on the

pillow that had been used for padding. "Oh boy!

That was good," she finally said.  "So what shall we do next?"

 "I've always got time for more," assured Hermione.  "How

do you want it?  Ass, Mouth, or if you insist. . ." She pointed

down at her drooling little slit.

"Mouth," said Harry. “But first, kiss me."

After kissing Harry properly (in both places, mouth, and penis),

and giving him a blow-job that threatened to leave him drained for weeks, Hermione started all over again.

After a while, things began to be a sexual blur to the teenager.  She could no longer keep track of who was fucking her where. Hermione suddenly realized that there were no more stiff cocks being stuck in her face, pussy, or up her tight little ass. She looked around, and everyone had collapsed. 

"More?" she inquired hopefully.

 "I'm sorry Hermione; but 27's my unlucky number," gasped Harry.

This got a faint giggle from Ron.

"Spoilsports!" said Hermione; as she got up to go to the bathroom, to clean up before dinner.

The only time I ever saw more of Hermione, was the time, when she was getting changed after Ron spilled one of his potions down the front of her blouse . It had just gotten dry, and she needed to get changed before next class. I was completely unprepared for the sight I got, as I walked into the storage cupboard. Hermione was sitting on the boxes, not naked, but in bikini panties, and bra, combing her hair. She took the blouse from its hanging place, and continued combing. My wand had slipped from my fingers, and frankly I was staring. Hermione was beautiful! She had pert little tits, that filled out the red brassiere so nicely, with a mound of skin filling up the top. Her matching red panties were filled by a plump little ass that I just ached to reach out and touch. But these didn't get much more than a passing glance from me. The thing that drew my eyes like a magnet, was the bare skin that showed, all the way from the top of her panties, to the bottom of her bra. Hermione had such smooth creamy skin, a slightly rounded little belly, and her bellybutton was the perfect centre to all this feminine pulchritude. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I think now, that she knew that I was staring at her, and was enjoying it. Finally, Hermione turned to me, and said, "Got your eyeballs back in yet Harry?" I felt as if I was going to die from embarrassment, as Hermione got up, and walked unconcernedly past me, from the closet. As she passed me, I got a whiff of her scent. Hermione wasn't wearing any perfume; she just smelled of pretty girl . Even now, years later, the thought of that smell alone, is enough to give me a hard-on. At the time, it was devastating. My prick was so hard in my pants, that it's a wonder that I didn't have an accident. In my embarrassment, and shame, I didn't look where I was going, and tripped over my own feet, on the way out of the door, increasing my embarrassment a hundredfold. I though I was going to die, but Hermione just giggled, and told me, "It's OK Harry , I don't mind," as I took off for my room, nursing a sore elbow. That little episode gave Ron and me conversation for a week!